We Build Top Quality Wooden Houses

modern wood house

Unique Designs

Built in the Lozère in France at 1300 meters altitude, this is one of our showcases. Super-insulated, traditional log home techniques, and modern design: all in one house. We love to build exceptional houses like this.

top quality wooden houses

Top Quality

We don’t compromise – quality always goes first. Our houses are extremely solid and well insulated. We use proven and traditional techniques, because we want to build for the next generations as well.

design dream home


RT-2012, TEK-10, BR-10, we know all the rules. But our craftmanship and experience make the difference. Our factory personnel and installation teams have long standing experience and receive in-house training.

design dreamhouse

3D Designs

You have some ideas but don’t know where to start? We can help. We make 3D house designs. They will give a very clear view of your future home, with a fixed budget.

chalet construction

Building a House

Building a house with us is easy. No difficult questions, but answers and solutions! You don’t build a house every day, so we are here to help. Read how it works.

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Contact Us

You need an estimate, a budget, or a professional advice? We can help. Contact us at +370 68 82 98 98 (English) or +31 653465265 (French, German, Dutch), or send your questions to vaida@lithouse.eu