Wooden Skyscrapers

We stumbled upon an article on CNN about wooden skyscrapers and ended on a YouTube movie that we thought we should share with you. It is about a wooden skyscraper in Brumunddal, Norway, constructed from CLT, or cross laminated timber.

It is a PR-movie featuring Rune Abrahamsen (CEO of the Moelven construction company) walking in the forest touching trees, and a voice-over with Scandinavian accent for more eco.

But you can’t ignore the fact that this is impressive stuff. 85 Meters up, in wood!

This building in Norway is constructed from cross laminated timber (CLT). We recently built a house in The Netherlands from CLT and we can confirm: high quality material, very well suited to build large load bearing structures. As a contractor you have to work very accurately, to the exact millimeter, and also it is expensive. But maybe still cheaper than concrete and much better for our environment.

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