Log House In Belgium: Building Process and Photos

From design to a finished built log house. Custom made, solid construction and top quality materials.

log house beautiful top

Log House Design

Client came up with her own design which she developed together with a local architect from Belgium. Below you see architects log house 3D impressions.

log house 3D plans


After we have signed contract, it took five weeks to prepare all the materials and 4 days to ship them from a factory in Lithuania to a building site in Belgium. Below photo shows unloading process of materials after truck has arrived to a building site.

log house delivery

Start Of Assembly Works

After materials are unloaded our team is preparing to lay first logs on a foundation.

log house assembly on a foundation

Exterior Walls Build-Up

Client wanted to see wooden logs from interior and exterior. If it was a holiday house would be easy solution, but in this case we had to compline with permanent living house insulation requirements. For this reason we have decided to use 80 mm thickness log from exterior, 175 mm thickness insulation in the middle and then again 80 mm thickness log from the interior.

double logs drawings

Insulation Material

As insulation material between the logs we have used cellulose. It’s made of 80% recycled newsprint. The fiber is chemically treated with non-toxic borate compounds to resist fire, insects and mold. Photo below shows an exterior wall, view from top (80 mm log, 175 mm cellulose insulation and again 80 mm log).

cellulose insulation for log house

Works In One Week

Our four men workers team were done with a ground floor level in one week. Logs were not that heavy and still was quite easy to build at this height.

log house assembly

First Floor and Roof

In three weeks we were ready with all walls and were already working on a roof. Picture below shows roof main construction – rafters. One small detail, all our houses come with laminated wooden rafters. This makes sure that your roof will not bend and will look the same in 50 years.

building a wood house

Later follows membrane installation which is fixed with wooden battens.

build a wooden house

Roof cover material, in this case roof tiles were chosen and bought by client locally. Buying roof cover locally is most cost effective way.
build a wooden house

Installing Windows and Preparing To Paint

Windows came from our factory. Double glass, wooden frame.

log house assembly


To get a light feeling on a ground floor, we used gypsum finishing for a ceiling, combined with laminated wood beams.

log house ceiling


Here is one example, that building with us, means custom, made to measure work. Client wanted to use space under a staircase, so we have close this area and installed small door.



Later log house was painted from the exterior. We used Einza, German paints.

log house beautiful top