Modern House Construction in Toulouse, France

On 12th of August, 2013 we have started new construction of a modern wooden house in France. House size – 170 m2 which includes 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, office room, huge living room connected with the kitchen.

Besides wooden house there is installed 200 m2 terrace and implemented swimming pool in it. As a separate building – there is also a garage of 25 m2 next to the house.

Detailed description and a movie showing a log house construction:

Our team arrived one day before materials have arrived. A short meeting before the construction starts, inspecting foundation.

foundation inspection

Our workers team unloaded a truck with materials. There were three trucks in total for this house.

unloading wood house in France

Usually it takes about three – four hours to unload one truck.

materials delivery of a timber home

Works began with a garage construction. Garage was built in 2 days and temporary used as a storage for the main house materials. Later we began with the main house construction.

timber house assembly France

Below you will see a photo which client took from  a plane.

assembly of timber house

Building up log walls:

log houses

One more week and house exterior walls are insulated with 200 mm wool and covered with black membrane:

insulating a wood house

…and then we start with exterior cladding boards, 20 mm larch wood.

cladding boards larch wood

5th of October: installing windows and entrance doors. Client also preparing foundation for terrace in front of the house.  around swimming pool.

sliding windows in a wooden house

Final touches and one more wooden house is built by LitHouse team!

contemporary homes

Finally we have installed a terrace in front of the house, with an integrated swimming pool.

wooden hose with a swimming pool

Welcome to a new wooden house!

welcome home

Interested in this project and would like to get more information? Finished house photos with a floor plan you can find here: Pascal Wooden House.