Which Window Type Is the Best For a Wooden House?

We have four different windows to choose from:

For our clients that want to build a wooden house usually we offer four types of windows:

  1. Wooden windows
  2. Wooden windows with aluminium cladding on the outside
  3. Aluminium windows
  4. PVC windowswindows in the wooden house

Wooden windows

This type of windows is used in most of our projects. wooden windows Advantages: wooden windows fit well with a wooden house. Wood is a natural product which creates a cozy and healthy interior environment. It has also good acoustic 35 (-1;-5) dB and thermal insulation properties (U = 1.1 W/m2K for a standard double glass window).

Wooden windows with aluminium cladding on the outside

Clients that want minimum maintenance and maximum durability choose this type of windows. This is a very solid window profile which requires little maintenance.

Wooden windows with aluminium claddingThe aluminium profile protects the wood against rain and bad weather. From the inside of the house you will see just the wooden frame. These windows have the same good thermal and acoustic properties as wooden windows.

Aluminium windows

This type of windows represent light construction and minimum maintenance. Some clients want a very thin and light construction, with a maximum of glass and no wooden frames.

aluminium windows in a wooden houseAluminium window frame systems are usually used in a contemporary and modern constructions. Aluminium windows provide light lines to the exterior, they are sleek, easy to clean and economical.


Nowadays PVC windows come not only in white but in any colour. Also they have a durable profile: the profile surface is resistant to any environment impact, and the colours don’t fade. pvc windows building a wooden houseThe profile is exceptionally firm as it is reinforced with square steel tubes. This reinforcement ensures the maximum possible strength. Although they have good technical properties, most clients still prefer wood.

Comparing price level

Window types by price:

  1. Aluminium (price rage – high)
  2. Wooden windows with aluminium cladding from the exterior
  3. Wooden
  4. PVC (price range – low)

In conclusion, most optimal option comparing price and quality ratio is wooden windows with aluminium cladding. Although top quality wooden windows serve well for your wooden house.

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