Types of Wood

Long ago the quality of a wooden house depended on the location of the factory. A factory in the north used wood from the north, which was growing more slowly and was denser and heavier.

wooden house

But times have changed. First of all there is a very active European wood market, and just like oil, wood is a raw material that is being actively traded all over the world. Also modern wood treatment techniques have improved the quality of wood as a building material in such a way that nowadays more factors come into play. It is not just northern wood that is a good building material.

timber-wood-for-constructionAt Lithouse/Namas we use wood from the north of Siberia. This region is 24 times as big as France, and only half it’s inhabitants. Few people, many high quality trees. Furthermore we use wood from the Baltic and Finland. We never use wood from Belorussia.

Types of Wood

We use three types of wood: spruce, pine and Siberian larch.

  • Pine or spruce is used mainly for inside and outside walls.
  • Spruce is used often for the longer beams, the rafter and beams under the floors and ceilings.
  • Siberian larch is very weather resistant. Actually larch is a member of the conifer family, comparable with Red Cedar. It is a little fat, and extremely resistant against bad weather. It is also used for boat decks. We use it for porches and for outside walls.