Transporting A Wooden House

Our production facilities are based in Lithuania, but most of our clients are in Scandinavia, Benelux and France. How do we transport a wooden house?

loading a truck with log packages for a wooden house

Unloading a truck with log packages for a wooden house

From our factory to Toulouse in the south of France is 2800 kilometers, so that is 4 to 5 days travel time. Below video shows truck arriving to a building site in Toulouse, France

We can transport approximately 50m2 of living space in one truck, so if we build a 140m2 house we will need three trucks. We do not send all three trucks at the same time, instead we send one truck, then wait one week, send the second truck, and so on. It also depends a little on the storage capacity that we have on the building site.

Doors and windows come with the last truck. We try to send this truck at such time that installation of doors and windows can start immediately after unloading, otherwise we need to store the windows on the building site, which would not good for the quality.

unloading windows for a wooden house

Unloading windows

Our team of workers travels one day in advance of the truck, and helps with the unloading. For the unloading we need special equipment: a manitou or a crane, with a hoisting capacity of 3500 kilos.

unloading wooden house

Do we transport a complete wooden house, or is there anything that we better purchase locally? In our experience, even insulation material we better transport from our factory to the south of France, it will still be cheaper than buying it locally in France. Roof tiles are very much a local affair, they look different in every region. Therefore, roof tiles are always purchased locally.

Some Photos From the Unloading Process Of a Wooden House