Top Quality Wooden House For A Few Generations

Top quality is an absolute requirement for us. We are flexible when it comes to nice designs or innovative heating systems, but we will not compromise on quality. We are very strict about quality. We only want the best. We want to build houses that make our client feel comfortable and safe, and we want our clients to recommend our house to his neighbour. Simple.

best wood homes

Strong and solid construction with laminated wood

Building top quality actually is not that difficult. It’s a mentality. We use proven techniques and stable designes. As an example, most of our wooden houses roofs are built from laminated wood. The advantage of laminated wood is that it will stay straight. It will never bend, not even after 100 years.

laminated wood for wood house

Laminated timber also gives more freedom for architectural solutions. It can be used for much longer spans, heavier loads, and complex shapes.

Comfortable and healthy living

Home is a place where we spend a big part of our time. It is very important to choose the right materials which will surround you and your family. Lithouse uses only certified materials for our wooden houses. Our wood comes from FSC forests, managed to ensure sustainable and environmentally friendly foresting.

eco friendly homes

Wooden houses that will last for a few generations

Very often our clients ask: How long does a wooden house last? The answer is: very long. This photo shows a wooden church, built in 1752, Deltuva village, Lithuania, near one of our factories. More than 250 years old now, still in use every day.

wooden church

With the right materials and technologies, your wooden house will last 200 years or more.