The Costs Of A Wooden House

What Is The Cost Of A Wooden House?

Traditionally this depended on the area and the local conditions. In the Ardennes in Belgium, there is so much wood that a wooden house is cheaper than a brick house. In The Netherlands, with hardly any trees and a lot of mud, brick houses were cheaper. But this has changed. wood houseThe cost of transport has gone down so much, that nowadays you can produce a wooden house in Lithuania, then put it in a truck and drive three days and still arrive at reasonable costs. The cost of building a wooden house depends not so much on the area where you build, but it depends a lot on the actual technical specifications of the house.

  • A panel house (timber frame, ossature bois, houtskelet) usually is cheaper than a log house.
  • A log house made from laminated wood is more expensive than a log house made from massive wood.
  • Connecting logs with dowels is more expensive than connecting logs with steel rods.
  • PVC windows are cheaper than pine windows, and larch windows are more expensive than pine windows.
  • And so on and so on.

Often clients call us and ask: “I want to build a wooden house, 100 m2, what does it cost?”. Honestly, it can be between 600 euro/m2 and1200 euro/m2, but how much exactly, we can not say right a way.

It is like going to your car dealer and ask: I want a car, 5 seats, how much does it cost? He won’t know, and he will start asking questions about the model, the engine, the stereo and alloy wheels. You get the idea.

timber frameAnd before we can make a precise calculation of the cost of a wooden house, we must do the same. Discuss house design, style. What wall construction do you want, what type of insulation, PVC or wooden windows, double or triple glass, etcetera. And then, when you compare apples with apples, you will find out that our prices are very competitive.

In general we can build a timber frame house for prices ranging from 700 up to 1000 euro per square meter. Our log houses go from 800 up to 1100 euro per square meter. These prices are inclusive VAT, and inclusive transport and assembly on your foundation. Excluded are roof tiles, electricity and plumbing works. Are these prices high, or low? You will only know after you compare apples with apples.

You are always welcome to contact us and to discuss your own project, also we can send you some brochure of our standard houses.