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Types of Wood

Long ago the quality of a wooden house depended on the location of the factory. A factory in the north used wood from the north, which was growing more slowly and was denser and heavier.

wooden house

But times have changed. First of all there is a very active European wood market, and just like oil, wood is a raw material that is being actively traded all over the world. Also modern wood treatment techniques have improved the quality of wood as a building material in such a way that nowadays more factors come into play. It is not just northern wood that is a good building material. Continue reading

Building A Wooden House: Exterior Finishing With Wooden Cladding Boards

If you are planning to build a wooden house, most likely you would like to know possible options for exterior finishing. Different types of wood, boards profile and the right choice may have a big difference on a final house look and durability. We use spruce or larch wood for the exterior finishing. What are the main difference and which is better?

siberian larch for wood house

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