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Finishing The Interior

Last year we finished a project in The Netherlands. Usually after we leave it takes a client a few more weeks or months to finish the house: install kitchens, bathrooms, curtains etcetera. The time it takes depends on various factors such as: the size of the house, the amount of time a client can spend on his project, and on the level of perfection a client wants to reach.

Here we had a client that is an absolute perfectionist. For example, after we left he polished all inside walls, then varnished them. Took him two full months.

interior wooden house Bloemex Riethoven

interior wooden house Bloemex Riethoven

We came back last week for a quick look, and we were truly impressed. Roof tiles from Germany, lighting from Italy, a tiled floor from France, and an interior designed and meticulously put together by a local company Bloemex (www.bloemex.nl, interior designers). Super nice, with attention to each and every detail.