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Oosterwold Mailboxes

Went to Oosterwold with a client to take a look at the plot where we will build his house. It was still misty, -5 degrees Celcius. On the Hannah-Ahrendt road the owners of the new-built houses have put their temporary mailboxes at the start of the road.

I am not sure why they did this, but my guess is the mailman got stuck in the mud a few times, and now refuses to go into the road.

Oosterwold mailboxes

Oosterwold mailboxes

Makes a nice picture anyways. Oosterwold is beautiful.

Oosterwold Development

Oosterwold is an area just East of Almere, 30 kilometers from Amsterdam. Over the next ten years the municipality expects some 15,000 houses will be built in Oosterwold.


Is this interesting news for English-speaking readers? Maybe not. Most likely you are in the UK or Ireland, maybe you’re looking to build a house in France or Spain, and very few English or Scots actually want to re-locate to The Netherlands because of the nice climate, the beautiful cows or the cheese.

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