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Project On An Island – VI

We place our wooden walls straight on the concrete foundation, and then, between our walls, the cement & concrete guys add a few extra layers:

  1. insulation
  2. floor heating
  3. chape, or cement
  4. optionally: tiles, or a wooden floor.

In this house we don’t do layer 4. No tiles, no wood, just cement on top. Looks cool and modern, and contrasts nicely with the wooden walls. Just a matter of preference. The combination of floor heating and a wooden floor is a little unusual, but we have wooden floors that are specially engineered to be combined with floor heating.

The main problem with this floor? Layer 3: the cement. We need to bring a 35 tonnes cement mixer to the island, on a pontoon. Today was pontoon day.

We start with a floor like this: concrete load bearing base, then insulation, floor heating (that’s the yellow lines), steel grid.

the floor as when we start

the floor as when we start

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