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Kit Homes

We are being asked regularly if we sell kit homes. For a kit home we would deliver one or more trucks or containers with building materials, a clear manual, and off you go. Like an IKEA-house.

No, we don’t deliver kit homes.

The Sears Catalog Home

But why not? Building a house is not rocket science. In the USA the Sears company has been delivering the Sears Catalog Home for years. Those were not garden sheds, those were full size houses for permanent living.



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wooden house in oosterwold

Step 6: House Assembly Starts

Materials arrive and house assembly starts

Foundation is ready, crane to unload and install panels in the place. Time for the materials to arrive. With the first truck arrived panels for the ground floor and overlay structure. Next day after unloading we began to install panels. First we laid bitumen hydro insulation layer on the concrete surface and fixed wooden beams. On top of the beams will go panels.

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Building a Log House

build a log houseWe have two lines of houses: panel houses, and log houses. We placed a panel house building tutorial here, and now we will do the same for a log house.

As you will see, the main difference between a panel and a log house is in the walls construction. Panel houses basically have hollow boxes as walls, whereas a log house wall is made from solid wood. That is not the full story though. Nowadays a log house made of just solid wood does not meet the European insulation requirements, so we add insulation, usually on the outside, sometimes on the inside.

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