wooden house in oosterwold

Step 6: House Assembly Starts

Materials arrive and house assembly starts

Foundation is ready, crane to unload and install panels in the place. Time for the materials to arrive. With the first truck arrived panels for the ground floor and overlay structure. Next day after unloading we began to install panels. First we laid bitumen hydro insulation layer on the concrete surface and fixed wooden beams. On top of the beams will go panels.

Panels came already prefabricated from the factory: the main timber frame structure was filled with the insulation material, most of the exterior surfaces already covered with larch cladding boards.

House assembly progress: walls roof and windows

Within two weeks more trucks arrived with additional panels for the first floor and materials for the roof. Roof construction was built on the building site, made to measure. After roof, followed windows installation.

House is water tight!

wooden house in oosterwold

Electricity and floor heating

In parallel other subcontractors came in to do an electricity installation and floor heating.

Works are in progress. Keep following us. Also you can read previous steps about this project, click here “oosterwold-1”.