Oosterwold Development

Oosterwold is an area just East of Almere, 30 kilometers from Amsterdam. Over the next ten years the municipality expects some 15,000 houses will be built in Oosterwold.


Is this interesting news for English-speaking readers? Maybe not. Most likely you are in the UK or Ireland, maybe you’re looking to build a house in France or Spain, and very few English or Scots actually want to re-locate to The Netherlands because of the nice climate, the beautiful cows or the cheese.

Also: Oosterwold is already four meters below sea level. Because the soil is still sinking, it will be at -4.50 in a few years, and with the rising sea level your house will be at minus five meters soon. Most people that build in Oosterwold have a canoo in the back, better safe than sorry.

But Oosterwold actually is a very nice area. The 15,000 houses will be spread over 4300 hectares and so the average plot size will be around 2500 m2, which is really not bad for a plot 30 minutes from Amsterdam. Those of you that voted against the Brexit and are now ready to leave: Oosterwold is for you!

If you want to build in Oosterwold, you will have to meet some extra requirements imposed by the municipalty. For instance, there will be no sewer system, and you will have to clean your own wastewater. Difficult? Actually no, there are standard systems nowadays that cost around 10.000 euros and that take care of your waste water.

Also, you will be connected to the 220Volt net, but on an annual basis you should consume zero electricity. Solution: solar panels on the roof. In summer you generate, in winter you consume, as long as the balance is zero.

So where’s the catch? There is no catch. If you need to relocate to somewhere near Amsterdam, consider Oosterwold. Plenty space, quiet, fresh air, and Europe’s 4th largest airport at 40 minutes. Just don’t forget the canoo.

Juup Dales shot this last movie and uploaded it to YouTube.