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Banga Concept: Light And Multi-functional Cabin Design

Nowadays we rush, we sit in traffic and we stress about many things in this life. But there is hope! In cooperation with Dutch architect Nico van Bockhooven ( we have designed a multi-functional lodge cabin. Had enough stress, and ready for some Zen? The metropolitan man and woman can find Zen here:  the Banga lodge will be your Zen space for comfortable leisure. Or you can use it as a more productive work space.

The multi-functional Banga

The Banga Lounge Cabin

The Banga has a few low chairs, a minimal kitchen corner for wine and snacks, maybe a toilet. The chairs are in a semi-circle and two to six people sit and talk, drink a glass of wine, and enjoy the sea, lake, or garden in front of the Banga. The Banga is very open, in the summer the glass front can slide away to almost completely open up the front. In the winter the Banga can be closed, and it has sufficient heating to withstand minus 10 degrees Celcius ambient temperature.
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The Banga Home Office

The Banga is an office for white-collar professionals. It has a false floor where 220Volt, phone and Ethernet cables can run freely. It has sufficient lighting and heating to make an agreeable working environment for one to three professionals. It has a toilet and a coffee corner.

The Banga Artist Atelier

The Banga serves as a luxury working environment for artists (painters, sculptors) that need a semi-permanent working environment with ample ambient light. The Banga can be placed anywhere. This Banga is heated with a small heater, no further equipment.modular element house

The Banga Exposition Room

The Banga can be placed in a forest or parc, and can be used as a small exhibition area for paintings or sculptures, or it can be used as an information center or visitors’ center for parc visitors.element houses

Standard Floor Plan

We start with 33 m2 the Banga footprint. We think it is an optimal size and the Banga will be functional for any purpose activities.

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Options and Variations

The good thing about this design is that we leave you the possibility to change and adjust the Banga according to your needs. Maybe you need more privacy or plan to install a toilet, and we can easily build a few partition walls.

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The Banga optional floor plan for a holiday home.

Considering to build Banga as a small two bedrooms holiday house? No problem, we will extend Banga size, or even build it in a different shape. New modular wall technology allows us to be flexible in the design.

Materials Specification

The Banga leisure and work house comes in pre-made panels for walls, roof, floor. It is an easy and fast construction. You can build this cabin yourself or we can send a team to do it for you.

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Most modular constructions are based on a cheap and low quality cabin houses. The Banga is different: only top quality materials that come with our Banga cabin. Banga house represent:

  • eco friendly materials
  • solid construction
  • good thermal properties
  • modern and contemporary design
Banga Price Request

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