Life Expectancy Of a Wooden Houses

Wooden houses are durable and last long. Admitted: a brick will not rot. But a brick house needs maintenance. Without maintenance a brick house will crack and crumble, and crumble rapidly after a wet period and a little frost. Without maintenance a brick house will last no longer than a wooden house. old_wooden_house01-e1399146713928

In this picture you see a wooden house in Selianschyna, a small village near Cherniakhiv (Zhytomyr) in the Ukraine (Google Earth: 50°30’49.56″N, 28°32’33.52″E). This house was built around 1890 and it was inhabited until 1995. These pictures were taken in 2010. For the last fifteen years the house has been unused. The garden around the house is being maintained by the neighbours, the orchard still gives some fruit, but nobody lives in the house. Parts of the house are in use as storage space for wood and farming equipment.

Although the ground is relatively dry and solid, this house has no foundation and it is slowly sagging. Painting the house does not help against sagging, and this house is slowly falling apart after more than one hundred years and no maintenance.

wooden house history

But now take a look at the wood itself. The last time it was painted was more than 25 years ago. Well… painting… more like quickly cleaning with water, then with a rough brush applying paint. One paint job in one morning. And still, the wood is in perfect condition.