Interior Finishing In a Wooden House

Building a Wooden House

A wooden house construction involves many choices and decisions to be made. It starts with a builder search, then follows – house design, construction type and list goes on and on. This time we want to explain a wooden house interior finishing possibilities. Even if it is going to be a wooden house your interior walls and ceilings could be finished in many techniques. We will explain about three main techniques used for a wooden house interior:

  • wood
  • gypsum
  • mix it

wood house interior

Wooden Interior

If you love wood, most likely you will choose wood for the interior too. Wooden interiors are very cozy, charming and healthy to live in.

wood house interior

It is wrong to think that interior in wood will look boring or not modern. Just adding a light layer of paints will make big difference in the interior.

wood painted


Looking for a clean, plane, flush interior? In this case we can advice to use plasterboard/ gypsum board. With gypsum board finishing you can achieve very modern look and combine other decoration materials.

light wood house interior

Mix It: Gypsum Combined With Wood

Building with us a house gives you a full freedom to choose both materials. Would you like to have a living room in gypsum and bedrooms in wood? No problem, we can make it. Maybe you think there is too much wood in the interior? Well, we can advice to finish ceiling in wood and walls in gypsum, or opposite.