Wooden Houses and Impregnating Wood

To better protect wood against rain, wind and the sun, usually it is impregnated. There are different wood treatment methods.

impregnated wood for cosntruction

The traditional method is to dip the wood in a solution of water and copper-chrome-arsene. The wood will color green and gold, and it is bad for your health. This method is not eco-friendly and nowadays in most countries it is not an accepted method to treat building materials.

We usually use Tanalith-E or Boramon C-30. Tanalith is a European approved conservation chemical that is based on copper. Tanalith-E is pressed into the wood in the pressure-vacuum chamber. This treatment is effective, but expensive, actually very expensive.

Therefore we usually use Boramon C-30. This is also European approved, and based on boric acid. It is almost as effective as Tanalith-E but a lot easier to apply: just paint, spray or dip. We usually spray. Here is a wikipedia-link.

wood for cunstruction

It is not always necessary to treat the entire house with Boramon C-30, usually the lower logs are the ones that are important. Sometimes treatment of the lower logs is enough, or we replace the lower log with a larch log.