How to Save Costs Building a Wooden House?

Start saving a wooden house construction costs already at a design stage

If you recently started looking or designing your next wooden home, more than likely you will start making a floor plan. Soon you will realise that to make a good and functional layout is not that easy. While for many architectural professionals it is a second nature, for many clients can be difficult to find the best solution.

saving costs in house construction

Of course if you have got plenty space to build and budget doesn’t limit your choices, then there is no problem.  And what if it is not so? We have an advice for you:consider making a square shape house floor plan.

Comparing two different floor plans

It is known from basic mathematics that the most optimal surface with minimal perimeter is a square shape figure. Translating this into your floor plan means that if your house is drawn as a square, it will require less perimeter of walls, which means less cost building a wooden house.

Let’s do simple math. We want to build a 100 m2 house. We can achieve this with several shape footprints, as an example we took two floor plans: “Floor plan A” and “Floor plan B”.

comparing floor plans

As picture shows, with both floor plans we have the same house footprint but in a perimeter we have 10 meters bigger difference with “Floor plan B”. In conclusion “Floor plan A” will be more economical way to build with optimal floor plan surface than a “Floor plan B”.

An example of our recent square shape footprint designs

As an example we represent 100 m2 floor plan which we designed together with our client, for the construction in France.

100 m2 floor plan 3 bedrooms

This is 10,21 x10,21 m one floor level house design, which has 3 bedrooms, one bathroom/toilet and big kitchen connected with a living room.

3d design for a timber house

Need an advice or our help to design your own house? We can make you 3D design and engineering drawings which will meet your requirements and budget. More about design process you can read here “3D model from 300 euro”