House Extension in Switzerland

Upgrading Your Existing House: Building a House Extension

Adding some extra space to the existing house, sometimes is just a better solution than building a new bigger home or buying another property. Upgrading your current property with a house extension also will increase it’s value in the market even if you decide to move in the future.building an extension

As with all building activities, house extension has to pass local authorities regulations, although in many cases it is much easier process than getting a building permit for a new built home.

House Extension in Switzerland

Our main activity is new wooden homes construction, although we are always happy to help our customers with different type of projects, as well with house extensions.

As an example, currently we are working on one chalet extension in Switzerland, about 30 min away from Geneva. Client loves the landscape and house location but needs more space.


Planning and building a house extension requires a very precise work. As a very first step our engineer got on a plane and flew to Geneva to meet our client, to discuss clients needs and take exact measurements.  In one week we came up with this house extension design:

house extension 3D design in Switzerland

If you are considering a house extension, we will be glad to help you. Contact person to discuss: ms. Vaida Vaitkunaite