Foundations For Wooden Houses

We do not make foundations. Instead we make the drawings for the foundation, and then the client, or a local contractor (artisan) makes the foundation.

foundation for timber house


So what are the requirements for a foundation?

Well… actually the requirements are very straightforward: a foundation has to be flat. Of course a foundation must also be sufficiently strong to support a wooden house, and it has to be stable, but since a wooden house usually weighs a lot less than a traditional concrete/masonry house, that should not be a problem.

How Flat Is Flat?

Flat means: maximum deviation of about one centimeter. We can handle larger deviations but flatter is better.

Flat Bed and Ring

We can build on two types of foundations: flat beds, and rings. Here are two photos to show the difference.

The flat bed foundation is the most common. The flat bed has two variants: with insulation, and without insulation.
If your flat bed foundation has no insulation, we can add insulation on top. Depending on the region we will add 10 to 20 centimeters mineral wool.insulated floor

This has one extra advantage: you can now easily put all electrical wiring and other cabling below your floor during the assembly phase.

A ring foundation is cheaper, but it will force us to produce a floor hanging between the walls. Otherwise there is little difference for us, we can work with both types of foundation. We advise to discuss the optimal solution with us.