Electricity In Log Walls

In our wooden log houses we install electricity in the log walls. The procedure is very easy.

1. The client tells us where he plans to place switches, power outlets, TV-antenna cables, Ethernet cables and loudspeaker cables. Anything with a wire we can put it in the walls.

electricity in a wooden house

2. In the factory we pre-drill holes in the logs. When the log wall is assembled and ready, there will be a vertical “pipe” or hole in the wall, from the top almost all the way to the bottom. The lowest log is only drilled until 5 centimetre above the bottom of the log.

building wooden house

The above photo show the pre-drilled holes: some holes are for the wooden sticks that connect two logs, but other holes are for the electricity.

3. These vertical “pipes” can easily be reached with a drill. In Belgium and France, cabling often runs through the insulation in the floor. In The Netherlands electricity usually runs through the ceiling.