Chalet Construction at Mont Blanc Valley

About The Chalet

As we built custom design houses every project is unique and exceptional. We have built contemporary log houses and with this client we got a chance to compliment our list with a beautiful mountain chalet, designed by architect Stéphane CICUTTO GUIFFAUT from Chamonix Mt. Blanc (contact details at the bottom of this post).

modern chalet

Chalet Design and Implementation in the Surrounding

Clients have two options to design their house: with our company engineers or with a local architect. This client chose to work with a local architect and came to our company with finished designs and drawings.

Specification of the Materials

After we received drawings from the clients we discussed their requirements and concluded to build the house as follows:

  • panel / timber frame construction, with larch wood finishing from exterior;
  • wooden sliding windows with 3 glass panes;
  • well insulated roof including 250 mm insulation;
  • our engineers also made snow load calculations for the roof.

House Delivery and Assembly

We have prepared all necessary calculations, confirmed with the client and began house production in our factory. It took 4 weeks to produce the wooden house in our factory, then everything was well packed and shipped to Chamonix, France.

wooden house delivery

Chalet Assembly Works

Our assembly team arrived one day in advance before the truck with materials. So we unloaded panels and began to build the house on client’s prepared foundation. You can see the process in the photos below:

Interested in this project and chalet? We can give you more information about it? You can find more photos here or contact us and we will send you a brochure with more information. You can also contact the architect directly:

66, avenue de Genève/74170 LE FAYET ST GERVAIS LES BAINS
282, route de la Mollard/74400 CHAMONIX Mt.BLANC
T: +33 (0)4 57 44 23 95
M:+33 (0)6 28 05 26 03