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Vertical Larch

Architects always manage to produce a nice design, more elegant, more balanced. Much more elegant than what we normal earthlings could come up with. Architects also make it more expensive, but hey… it looks better… Beauty has a price.

loghouse designed by client

But then some clients do manage to produce something nice themselves. This client came to us with some simple sketches. They were based on our Eric & Flo but still looked like nothing special. So we translated it into technical drawings and now we are assembling the house. And now look here, what is this? A beauty!

Why one client can do this while most of us need an architect, honestly we don’t know. And what exactly makes this house nice and more elegant than other houses we also do not understand, actually that is why we team up with architects. But nice it is.

loghouse designed by client

This is a traditional loghouse. Laminated massive wood, connected with wooden dowels (Swedes call this a “timmerhus”), and then finished with larch on the outside. Proven techniques and a modern design, it is possible. And yes, the building site is a mess, please ignore that and come back in two months…