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The Best Interiors of Wooden Homes

Usually we make a wooden house design, build it and leave an interior decoration for the owners. Sometimes they trust their own feelings and taste, sometimes they ask professional interior designers for an advice. Below we represent the best interior photos of wooden homes, which we have received from the owners after they have moved in. Hope it will inspire you!

beautiful prefb homes interior

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A Wooden Skyscraper

We build houses from wood. From wood you can build gardening equipment, cupboards, airplanes, kitchen utensils, children’s toys, bicycles and wheels. Wood is really a nice material to work with. But skyscrapers? Is wood suitable to build a skyscraper?

Architect Michael Green says yes, he wants to build sky scrapers from wood. You may think Michael is a dreamer, but actually in the city of Amsterdam Dutch architect Tom Frantzen built a six floor thirty meters high wooden building. Not exactly a skyscraper, but not your average two storey house either. To be honest it is not entirely wood: there is a concrete elevator shaft and some floors are partly steel and concrete, but the load bearing construction is all wood.

Michael Green wants to go higher: thirty floors, he says…

Chalet Construction at Mont Blanc Valley

About The Chalet

As we built custom design houses every project is unique and exceptional. We have built contemporary log houses and with this client we got a chance to compliment our list with a beautiful mountain chalet, designed by architect Stéphane CICUTTO GUIFFAUT from Chamonix Mt. Blanc (contact details at the bottom of this post).

modern chalet

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Building A Wooden Panel House

Shannon from building a shedBuilding a wooden panel house is something we do all year, it is our business, and we’re good at it. We try to document our work to explain what we do as good as we can, but once in a while we see someone else explaining how to build a house in a very clear and detailed way. Recently we stumbled upon a Youtube channel by Shannon from Shannon does a really good job, we like his tutorials.

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