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Lithuania, Is That OK?

We produce our houses in Lithuania, just East of Poland. East-Europe. And that raises a few concerns. Are these people to be trusted? What about the quality? Do they deliver on time?

We understand you concerns. Here are some answers.

Trakai castle, 14th century

Trakai castle, 14th century

Can we trust them?

Lithuania is on the Baltic coast, and has been a supplier of wood for ages. In the 17th century the Lithuanians had a permanent supply chain between Klaipeda and German, Dutch and English shipyards. The Dutch even developed a special type of ship for this trade, the “fluitschip“.

What was special about the fluitschip? Well, the Dutch had to pay toll in the Øresund between Denmark and Sweden. And they paid a lot of toll, actually two thirds of Danish state income was toll money. The height of the toll depended on the width of the upper deck of the ship. The Dutch, cheapskates as they are, developed the fluitschip such that it had a very wide belly and at the same time a very narrow upper deck. Yep, lots of freight, and little toll, that’s how we roll…

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Building A Wooden House: Stickers On The Logs

Before we assemble a wooden house we make a complete set of assembly drawings. The assembly drawings show the house log-by-log, with each log having a unique number.

building log houseOn the building site it is a matter of finding the correct log and then assemble the house. Note that the bigger logs can weigh well over 100 kilos. Not something that you just pick up and carry. Continue reading

Wooden Houses Factory

In the factory we produce approximately 60 wooden houses per year. Most timber houses are exported to Scandinavia, some go to France and surrounding countries.

In the factory we combine modern techniques with traditional manufacturing. We use AutoCad, ArchiCad and SEMA for the design of our wooden houses. We have modern equipment from Auer and Weinig to saw, mil and cut our wood.

timber in the factory

And at the same time we connect our logs with very traditional dowels. We try to work with traditional materials. We prefer damp-open constructions. We have our own assembly teams that are trained by us and have ample experience. And we never hurry, quality goes first.

construction of timber home