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Modern House Construction in Toulouse, France

On 12th of August, 2013 we have started new construction of a modern wooden house in France. House size – 170 m2 which includes 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, office room, huge living room connected with the kitchen.

Besides wooden house there is installed 200 m2 terrace and implemented swimming pool in it. As a separate building – there is also a garage of 25 m2 next to the house.

Detailed description and a movie showing a log house construction:

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Nationalities On A European Building Site

Since we are working all over Europe, we meet people from different nationalities and different cultures all the time. It makes our job much more fun.

Here we are unloading a truck. The truck driver speaks Polish, our foreman speaks Lithuanian, but together they speak Russian. We speak French with the Manitou driver who also happens to speak Polish, and we speak English with our client and German with the architect. Six languages on one building site, that’s Europe for us.

unloading a wooden house with four nationalities

unloading a wooden house with four nationalities

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Building A Wooden House: Stickers On The Logs

Before we assemble a wooden house we make a complete set of assembly drawings. The assembly drawings show the house log-by-log, with each log having a unique number.

building log houseOn the building site it is a matter of finding the correct log and then assemble the house. Note that the bigger logs can weigh well over 100 kilos. Not something that you just pick up and carry. Continue reading