Building A Wooden Panel House

Shannon from building a shedBuilding a wooden panel house is something we do all year, it is our business, and we’re good at it. We try to document our work to explain what we do as good as we can, but once in a while we see someone else explaining how to build a house in a very clear and detailed way. Recently we stumbled upon a Youtube channel by Shannon from Shannon does a really good job, we like his tutorials.

So we put a link here. In his movies (it is a series of five movies, each thirty minutes or longer except for the last video which is only four minutes) he goes through all the steps, making it look simple enough.

It is a pity Shannon decided to cover his outside walls with sheet metal. We think natural wood would make a lot nicer. Please Shannon, use wood next time. But ok, the principles stay the same and his tutorials are nice, very good actually.

Even if you do not plan to build your own garage, going through these movies does make sense. It will make you understand the process better, and improve communications with your professional builder.