Building A Wooden House: Exterior Finishing With Wooden Cladding Boards

If you are planning to build a wooden house, most likely you would like to know possible options for exterior finishing. Different types of wood, boards profile and the right choice may have a big difference on a final house look and durability. We use spruce or larch wood for the exterior finishing. What are the main difference and which is better?

siberian larch for wood house

Spruce Wood, Advantages and Disadvantage

Usually spruce (Picea) wood is light in color with fine grain to the wood. If you plan to use spruce wood for outdoors, you will have to impregnate or/and paint it.pine wood boards
Advantage of using spruce wood is that your wooden house exterior may have very different look as you can choose unlimited colors combinations.

Disadvantage of using spruce wood is that you will have to maintain, and re-paint your wood house every 5-8 years (depending on a location and type of paints).

Larch Wood, Advantages and Disadvantages

Larch is known as tough and durable wood with very good strength properties. Color range is from yellow to a medium reddish brown, depending on origin and growth conditions.Timber is resistant to rot when in direct contact with ground.siberian larch

Advantage of using larch wood is that it doesn’t need to be impregnated or painted, which means it will require zero maintenance.

Disadvantage of using larch wood is that with time it gets grey and has different grey color intensity on south or north side of facades. Although only a few people may call it as disadvantage, because some clients love to see how their wooden house settles with a nature with natural grey colors.

Spruce and Larch Wood Prices, Which is Cheaper?

If you are going to compare spruce and larch wood decoration board, then spruce wood will be cheaper material to use for a wooden house construction. Although you should take in the consideration, that spruce wood must be impregnated or painted. So if you add all these costs then there will be very little price difference between larch wood or spruce wood boards prices.

Possible Profiles For Exterior Boards Finishing

How your wooden house will look from the exterior, depends not only on a chosen color or type of wood. More important is what board profile you are going to choose. We always advice our clients, depending on a house design and house location. Some profiles are the best for a modern contemporary houses design, others work only with a traditional timber houses designs.