Building a Log House

build a log houseWe have two lines of houses: panel houses, and log houses. We placed a panel house building tutorial here, and now we will do the same for a log house.

As you will see, the main difference between a panel and a log house is in the walls construction. Panel houses basically have hollow boxes as walls, whereas a log house wall is made from solid wood. That is not the full story though. Nowadays a log house made of just solid wood does not meet the European insulation requirements, so we add insulation, usually on the outside, sometimes on the inside.

This video was produced by a Canadian colleague company, Discovery Dream Homes from Ontario. Colleagues… well actually they are the competition, but since they are in Canada and don’t do business in Europe they agreed that we can use their video. Discovery Dream Homes use slightly different techniques to build their houses (they use dove tails in the corners, and they use non-laminated wood instead of laminated wood) but the main principles are the same and, like us, these guys clearly build quality houses.

We would like to thank Discovery Dream Homes for letting us use their video. If you need more info about them, we will gladly help you. Enjoy!