Easy Way To Build a Wooden House

If you are looking to build a house, it could be something new to you. Of course it may look as a big challenge but we are here to help you and explain the house building process, step by step.

First thing what we suggest is to watch this short video. Only 3 minutes and you will see, to build a house with us is an easy and interesting experience.

What we usually include in our scope of materials and works is:

– walls, outside and inside
– roof construction
– all insulation
– wooden finishing outside
– wooden or gypsum finishing inside
– doors & windows, double or triple glass, incl. all locks and handles
– delivery to the building site
– assembly works.

Optionally we can provide:

– finished wooden floors
– insulation below the ground floor level on top of your foundation
– terraces / balconies
– painting.

We prefer not to do turn-key projects from far away, but we will attend to meetings with your local specialists before the start and during the project, and we can sit around the table with you and them for the coordination.

What we usually do not include:

  • foundation (but we make the foundation drawings for your local builder)
  • roof tiles / green roof (but we can place YOUR roof tiles)
  • heating, plumbing, electricity.

Just as an example, below is a movie of a house that we recently built in The Netherlands.