Beautiful Three Bedrooms Chalet Design – VEX

Chalet 3D Design: Modern and Minimalistic

This chalet was designed using straight lines and clean geometry. Wood combined with big windows creates a bright interior and lets you enjoy the stunning view on the landscape.

chalet design

For the exterior finishing we have used natural or grey colours which fit very well with the surrounding. 

Chalet Floor Plan

This chalet design has three bedrooms, kitchen and a big living room. Whether you plan to build it as a second holiday house or use it as your permanent residence, it will offer you comfort and a nice atmosphere.

chalet floor plan

Chalet rooms layout

  • A – hall with corridor 11,14 m2
  • B – living room 48,40 m2
  • C – kitchen 12,41 m2
  • D – bedroom 15,36 m2
  • E – bedroom 13,00 m2
  • F – toilet 3,30 m2
  • G – bathroom 3,16 m2
  • H – master bedroom 31,03 m2
  • TOTAL: 138,7 m2

It is very easy to change and adjust this floor plan to your needs. For example if you do not need three bedrooms, we can turn D – bedroom 15,36 m2 into an office or technical room. Also master bedroom H – 31,93 m2 can have an additional separation wall to install a bathroom or closet for wardrobe.

Adjustment when building on the mountain slope

This chalet is perfectly suited to build in any landscape: flat fields or mountains area. We can easily implement and adjust it on a mountain slope. Usually clients build a concrete base with extra rooms and on top of the concrete base we build our chalet.

Our engineers can design a concrete base exactly on the spot where you plan to build the chalet and adjust it to your mountain slope. All we need is the exact GPS-coordinates of the terrain where you plan to build. The rest is for us to work out. Below one example how we adjusted this chalet for a client in Switzerland.

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If you like this design, send us a request and we will call you back to discuss the project, pricing for construction and also your additional requirements.