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wooden house in oosterwold

Step 6: House Assembly Starts

Materials arrive and house assembly starts

Foundation is ready, crane to unload and install panels in the place. Time for the materials to arrive. With the first truck arrived panels for the ground floor and overlay structure. Next day after unloading we began to install panels. First we laid bitumen hydro insulation layer on the concrete surface and fixed wooden beams. On top of the beams will go panels.

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Foundation Construction On The Sea Bed In The Netherlands

We build wooden houses in many countries. Every country has it’s own exceptions, rules and peculiarities. This time let’s talk about the Netherlands.

We are quite busy building houses in the Netherlands at the moment. Many areas in this country are reclaimed land areas: originally North Sea, but then the Dutch build dikes, pump out the water and build houses on the sea bed. In such areas top layer of ground is very soft and if you build on a regular foundation, your house will sink into the mud.

For this reason, the Dutch have developed a special technique to build foundations in those reclaimed land areas. It is called “paalfundering”. First comes a specialist engineer who does ground tests. They check how deep is the solid ground. If you are lucky it will be at approximately 8-12 meters deep, but in some areas it might be up to 30 meters deep.

fundering nederlands

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Modern House Construction in Toulouse, France

On 12th of August, 2013 we have started new construction of a modern wooden house in France. House size – 170 m2 which includes 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, office room, huge living room connected with the kitchen.

Besides wooden house there is installed 200 m2 terrace and implemented swimming pool in it. As a separate building – there is also a garage of 25 m2 next to the house.

Detailed description and a movie showing a log house construction:

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The Best Interiors of Wooden Homes

Usually we make a wooden house design, build it and leave an interior decoration for the owners. Sometimes they trust their own feelings and taste, sometimes they ask professional interior designers for an advice. Below we represent the best interior photos of wooden homes, which we have received from the owners after they have moved in. Hope it will inspire you!

beautiful prefb homes interior

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Building Energy Efficient Log House: Insulation On the Outside

We build two types of wooden houses: traditional log houses, and panel houses. Both have pros and cons, today we want to discuss the traditional log house.

terrace and the railing

How We Build Energy Efficient Log House

First we build a wall from solid laminated logs, 80-200 millimeter thick, then we add insulation on the outside and finally we cover the outside with decoration planks, usually from larch. The building process is as follows:

  • first logs
  • then insulation
  • finally a larch cladding on the outside

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Chalet Construction at Mont Blanc Valley

About The Chalet

As we built custom design houses every project is unique and exceptional. We have built contemporary log houses and with this client we got a chance to compliment our list with a beautiful mountain chalet, designed by architect Stéphane CICUTTO GUIFFAUT from Chamonix Mt. Blanc (contact details at the bottom of this post).

modern chalet

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Self Built Log House in Gastes

We have delivered a truck with a wooden house to a client in Gastes, near Bordeaux in France. This client wanted to build the house himself. It is not what we normally advise, but on the other hand: it’s not rocket science, and with sufficient experience it is possible. Our kits come with good documentation.

For a few days after delivering the house we heard nothing. Silence. And then: a first photo, after a few weeks one more. This client has figured it out Bravo! Check floor plan. Continue reading

House Extension in Switzerland

Upgrading Your Existing House: Building a House Extension

Adding some extra space to the existing house, sometimes is just a better solution than building a new bigger home or buying another property. Upgrading your current property with a house extension also will increase it’s value in the market even if you decide to move in the future.building an extension

As with all building activities, house extension has to pass local authorities regulations, although in many cases it is much easier process than getting a building permit for a new built home.

House Extension in Switzerland

Our main activity is new wooden homes construction, although we are always happy to help our customers with different type of projects, as well with house extensions.

As an example, currently we are working on one chalet extension in Switzerland, about 30 min away from Geneva. Client loves the landscape and house location but needs more space.


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