This Is Where a Wooden House Story Begins

Lithuania has a long history in wood trade. Already from 13th century large volumes of timber were exported from towns around the Baltic Sea. The exported wood was highly appreciated for shipbuilding and construction purposes in West European countries.

timber export

Moreover, wood was the main material for wooden houses construction in the Baltic countries for centuries. In the Baltics, wood was used to build castles, churches, hotels, conferen ce centers, shops and living houses. Today wooden houses are still very popular and very common in the Baltic countries.

About Lithouse

Lithouse is not a standard builder from far away. Our front office with the management team is located in the Netherlands. It allows us to travel and to meet our clients everywhere in Europe. France, or Norway – we will sit with you to discuss your plans to build a house.

building wooden house

Our production facilities are located in Lithuania. We are able to produce about 60 houses a year. We do not do mass production, we specialise in custom made wooden homes.


Our scope of services includes the house assembly. Usually we assmble with our four men crews. They are trained in our own factories, they have their own equipment and they travel to your building site to assemble your wooden house.

timber house assembly