timber home 3D plans

Wooden House 3D-Modeling From 500 Euro

For most clients, visualising exactly what their wooden house or project will look like is very difficult. Mentally translating a hand-made floor plan into a real house is not easy.

We can help. For all our projects we start with 3D-models. Nowadays they are cheap to build, and for our clients they are a tremendous help in specifying their requirements.

This Is How It Works

3D designs and floor plans

  • tell us what you want, approximately. Just send a sketch on paper, or a photo, or tell us. Whatever works for you.
  • we make the 3D-model. We send you the model and you can take a look on your PC. Rotate. Zoom. Lift the roof. Look inside the house.
  • and then you tell us what’s good, and what we need to change, and we change it.
  • and then we repeat…
  • and repeat…
  • and repeat again…
  • until you are happy with the 3D-model.

For some clients we get it right in just three rounds. For others it takes three months and fifty changes. Doesn’t matter, we only stop when you are happy with the design.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost for making a 3D-model depends a little on the size of the house, from 500 euro. For that money you get:

  • a full 3D-model
  • an exact specification of your project and the materials used
  • a firm and fixed price. No changes, no surprises.
3D Model Advantages
  • You get a clear impression of your house. You will fully understand what you are about to build
  • you get a firm and fixed price. No surprises afterwards
  • you can see the shadows in and around your house, exactly on say 22nd September, 16:00 hours
  • you can use your 3D-model to call our colleagues and check our prices. Using the 3D-model you can compare apples and apples

Here is another example (presented online) that we made for the client in Norway.

For more detail you can download these models, and take a look on your laptop. You will need viewer software, for Windows or for the Mac.

Norway model, full version

Norway model, without the roof

3D Model Implementation In the Mountain Profile

For mountainous areas (Switzerland, Chamonix, Pyrenees) clients often ask us to place the house “in the mountain profile” as they need to show their municipality how they plan to place the house. No problem, we do that too, all included in the same price. Here is an example: