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House Extension in Switzerland

Upgrading Your Existing House: Building a House Extension

Adding some extra space to the existing house, sometimes is just a better solution than building a new bigger home or buying another property. Upgrading your current property with a house extension also will increase it’s value in the market even if you decide to move in the future.building an extension

As with all building activities, house extension has to pass local authorities regulations, although in many cases it is much easier process than getting a building permit for a new built home.

House Extension in Switzerland

Our main activity is new wooden homes construction, although we are always happy to help our customers with different type of projects, as well with house extensions.

As an example, currently we are working on one chalet extension in Switzerland, about 30 min away from Geneva. Client loves the landscape and house location but needs more space.


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Building A Wooden House: Stickers On The Logs

Before we assemble a wooden house we make a complete set of assembly drawings. The assembly drawings show the house log-by-log, with each log having a unique number.

building log houseOn the building site it is a matter of finding the correct log and then assemble the house. Note that the bigger logs can weigh well over 100 kilos. Not something that you just pick up and carry. Continue reading

Types of Wood

Long ago the quality of a wooden house depended on the location of the factory. A factory in the north used wood from the north, which was growing more slowly and was denser and heavier.

wooden house

But times have changed. First of all there is a very active European wood market, and just like oil, wood is a raw material that is being actively traded all over the world. Also modern wood treatment techniques have improved the quality of wood as a building material in such a way that nowadays more factors come into play. It is not just northern wood that is a good building material. Continue reading

Design Your Own Wall For A Wood House

One of the main discussion topics between builders and architects and construction engineers is: insulation, heating, humidity and ventilation. Especially in panel walls there is the problem that high insulation values create humidity in the walls, unless special techniques are applied to stop humidity to enter the walls.

Let’s design a very basic wall: gypsum on the inside, then mineral wool/glass-wool, then pine on the outside. Nobody builds like this, but let’s do it as an experiment. We want the wall to be very well insulated so we put 20 centimeters insulation between the gypsum on the inside and the pine on the outside. Here’s what the wall looks like:

Temperature and Humidity 01

Inside the wall are projected two curves: a black line with the temperature (view the Celcius scale on the left) and a blue line with the dew point, i.e. the temperature at which the humidity condensates.

As long as the black line is higher than the blue line: no problem. But as soon as the black line meets the blue line there is a big big problem: condensation. Meaning: fungus, rot, and badness. We don’t want the black line meeting the blue line. What to do?

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Understanding the new rules in France on house construction

As of January 2013 all house builders are facing a new challenge: the RT 2012. There is a lot of confusion about the new rules with everybody having his own interpretation of the law.

maison RT 2012

But most of the basics are not that complicated. This article tries to explain the basics. Continue reading

How to Save Costs Building a Wooden House?

Start saving a wooden house construction costs already at a design stage

If you recently started looking or designing your next wooden home, more than likely you will start making a floor plan. Soon you will realise that to make a good and functional layout is not that easy. While for many architectural professionals it is a second nature, for many clients can be difficult to find the best solution.

saving costs in house construction

Of course if you have got plenty space to build and budget doesn’t limit your choices, then there is no problem.  And what if it is not so? We have an advice for you: Continue reading