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Wall Construction And Nett Floor Surface

A wall has a footprint, and it takes away valuable space from your total house footprint. Some people never think about the amount of space being taken by walls, assuming that walls are paper-thin, or that the amount of space they take is negligible. But walls actually take quite a lot of space. Take a look at the floor plan below.

walls SHOB and SHON

This is a log house. The floor plan is 8×12 meters (outside dimensions) and we have drawn some random walls inside the house. Continue reading

Building A Wooden House: Exterior Finishing With Wooden Cladding Boards

If you are planning to build a wooden house, most likely you would like to know possible options for exterior finishing. Different types of wood, boards profile and the right choice may have a big difference on a final house look and durability. We use spruce or larch wood for the exterior finishing. What are the main difference and which is better?

siberian larch for wood house

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The Costs Of A Wooden House

What Is The Cost Of A Wooden House?

Traditionally this depended on the area and the local conditions. In the Ardennes in Belgium, there is so much wood that a wooden house is cheaper than a brick house. In The Netherlands, with hardly any trees and a lot of mud, brick houses were cheaper. But this has changed. wood houseThe cost of transport has gone down so much, that nowadays you can produce a wooden house in Lithuania, then put it in a truck and drive three days and still arrive at reasonable costs. The cost of building a wooden house depends not so much on the area where you build, but it depends a lot on the actual technical specifications of the house. Continue reading

Shrinking Of Wooden Houses

A wooden house will shrink. No matter how dry the wood was initially, over time, during a period of approximately two years, all residual humidity will slowly evaporate from the wood and the wood will become more dry. Wood shrinks in one direction only: lateral, but not longitudinal, or in other words, logs will become thinner, but not shorter.

wood shrinking

How Much Will A Wooden House Shrink?

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