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Interior Finishing In a Wooden House

Building a Wooden House

A wooden house construction involves many choices and decisions to be made. It starts with a builder search, then follows – house design, construction type and list goes on and on. This time we want to explain a wooden house interior finishing possibilities. Even if it is going to be a wooden house your interior walls and ceilings could be finished in many techniques. We will explain about three main techniques used for a wooden house interior:

  • wood
  • gypsum
  • mix it

wood house interior

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Insulating Wooden House With Thermofloc

In Belgium we just finished a traditional double wall log house. Traditional as in: traditional looks, and traditional techniques. We used as the insulation material between the log walls, instead of the more common rock wool or glass wool.

cellulose between the double walls

The advantage of is that it absorbs humidity, and can act as a buffer for humidity, just like wood. It breathes, just like wood, and it stores humidity, just like wood. It creates an enormous thermal mass.

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Building a Log House

build a log houseWe have two lines of houses: panel houses, and log houses. We placed a panel house building tutorial here, and now we will do the same for a log house.

As you will see, the main difference between a panel and a log house is in the walls construction. Panel houses basically have hollow boxes as walls, whereas a log house wall is made from solid wood. That is not the full story though. Nowadays a log house made of just solid wood does not meet the European insulation requirements, so we add insulation, usually on the outside, sometimes on the inside.

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Building A Wooden Panel House

Shannon from building a shedBuilding a wooden panel house is something we do all year, it is our business, and we’re good at it. We try to document our work to explain what we do as good as we can, but once in a while we see someone else explaining how to build a house in a very clear and detailed way. Recently we stumbled upon a Youtube channel by Shannon from Shannon does a really good job, we like his tutorials.

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Wooden Houses Factory

In the factory we produce approximately 60 wooden houses per year. Most timber houses are exported to Scandinavia, some go to France and surrounding countries.

In the factory we combine modern techniques with traditional manufacturing. We use AutoCad, ArchiCad and SEMA for the design of our wooden houses. We have modern equipment from Auer and Weinig to saw, mil and cut our wood.

timber in the factory

And at the same time we connect our logs with very traditional dowels. We try to work with traditional materials. We prefer damp-open constructions. We have our own assembly teams that are trained by us and have ample experience. And we never hurry, quality goes first.

construction of timber home

New Top Quality Cabin Design For Leisure Or Work

contemporary element homes
Banga Concept: Light And Multi-functional Cabin Design

Nowadays we rush, we sit in traffic and we stress about many things in this life. But there is hope! In cooperation with Dutch architect Nico van Bockhooven ( we have designed a multi-functional lodge cabin. Had enough stress, and ready for some Zen? The metropolitan man and woman can find Zen here:  the Banga lodge will be your Zen space for comfortable leisure. Or you can use it as a more productive work space.

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